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Zero Glycemic Bar

Ingredients: 96% raw cacao beans*, fenugreek*, gymnema sylvestre*, bilberry*, stevia*, Love. *organic
96% Raw Cacao - Always under 118°F


Net Wt. 1.8oz. (50g) $6.99


"I can't eat chocolate," you say; At Gnosis, we say, "YES YOU CAN!"

We’ve subtly sweetened the most nutritious, super dark raw cacao with organic stevia! This miracle of nature has Zero calories and Zero impact on blood sugar. Coupled with herbs to regulate your body’s metabolic response to sugar, this bar will help you get off that sugar rollercoaster for good!

Are you one of the 21 million American who must heavily restrict their sugar intake but love chocolate?  Do you have candida or diabetes and are looking for a ZERO glycemic index sweetener - even less than agave or palm nectar? If so, Gnosis' Zero Glycemic Chocolate Bar - the newest addition to its chocolate treasure trove - is a dream-come-true...

And Zero G is your blood sugar's good friend; all Gnosis chocolate is low-glycemic - sweetened with Agave Nectar or Coconut Palm Sugar - but Zero G is ZERO calorie and zero glycemic index sweetened. The sweetener we use is your friend: it’s organic stevia, and has none of the chemicals that compromise popular sugar substitutes. Note: this bar is very bittersweet as it is 96% cacao. If you don't enjoy the flavor of stevia, you will likely not love this bar.

I invite you to bring Zero G home to whisper its sweet no-things to you: no things of sugar or calories; no-things that affect your blood sugar; no-thing to appear on a glycemic scale. But every thing of the finest Gnosis chocolate and other ingredients that make Gnosis chocolate incomparably delicious and nutritious.

*may contain traces of nuts, but always peanut free!