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Comet's Tail Peppercorn

Net Wt. 16 oz (448g) $17

Ingredients: Comet's Tail Peppercorn



Javanese Comet's Tails or "kemukas" as they are known locally are a wonderful rarity among the world of Piper (true pepper) family. Known to the west since medieval times as Piper cubeba or Cubebs, this pepper has a wonderful fresh aroma of pepper, pine and lemons.

On the tongues, Comet's Tails exhibit a distinctly cooling menthol feeling offset by the peppery heat and a bright citrus-like sweetness.

Traditionally, Comet's Tails were used in a variety of curries and ground spice mixtures where the cooling and citrus heat were desired. They were also fresh ground and added to the famous "kretek" or clove cigarette to add a soothing menthol aspect to the smoke! On a different note altogether, Javanese claim the Comet's Tail has extraordinary powers as an aphrodisiac... So however you choose to use them, consider yourself warned!


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