Discover Chocolate
The Ultimate Guide to Buying, Tasting, and Enjoying Fine Chocolate
by Clay Gordon  $25


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There's a difference between a chocoholic and a chocophile, and Clay Gordon is decidedly in the latter category. It's not enough for him to simply love this rich indulgence; he is equally addicted to the finer points of choosing it, just as a wine aficionado enjoys researching different varietals and developing a taste for particularly fine ones.

In Discover Chocolate, Gordon opens a world that extends far beyond cookbooks and coffee-table books that feature assorted gooey shots. Yes, his primer is packed with more than a hundred gorgeous photographs of chocolate and truffles, but this is a guide that also includes a handy rating system, a field guide for discerning among different types and styles of chocolates, an overview of how cacao becomes chocolate (including maps of where cacao is grown), advice for pairing chocolate and wine, and, perhaps most important of all, how and where to shop for the best chocolate in the world.

Clay has been working with Chocolate Girl of Gnosis Chocolate on many projects from recipe development, sourcing, and manufacturing to our Chocolate Retreat in Belize! Clay is now adding a whole new dimension to his gift to the world by sharing his motivational story of Living the Vida Cocoa - how making your profession be one and the same as your passion is totally possible and completely rewarding! We are so grateful to Clay and have learned so much from him about chocolate beyond what is common knowledge in the raw foods community! We know that in purchasing this book and joining you will too!


Clay Gordon is the editor and publisher of and the founder of the New World Chocolate Society. A leading independent authority on chocolate, he conducts chocolate tastings and classes across the country. His insights about chocolate are frequently published in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Business Week, among other publications.