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The Golden Egg 


If you like peanut butter or salted caramel but want to skip the sugar and aflatoxins, you will absolutely LOVE this treat! Enjoy the dynamic play on your tongue as it dances between salty and sweet, while being overcome with a wave of creaminess and delight! A step (or 10!) above the common chocolate-peanut butter combo.

Crack into the outer shell to find the creamy filling of your dreams. This creme is made by slowly stone-grinding cashews in a granite melangeur with low-glycemic coconut sugar crystals until it is smooth as velvet. It is then infused infused with functional herbs for strength and detox. We lovingly pour this heavenly sweet and nourishing cloud into a dark shell of 70% dark Balinese chocolate.


The Golden Egg
{raw cacao beans*, stone-ground cashews*, coconut sugar*, extra virgin coconut oil*, raw blue agave nectar*, lucuma*, vanilla bean*, maca root*, siberian ginseng*, fleur de sel, burdock root*, dandelion*, goldenseal*, Love. *organic}
3D filled egg in a golden gift box $9.99




The Golden Egg Carton
6 Golden Eggs in a biodegradable egg carton gift box 3D filled egg in a golden gift box save
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“…gold that’s put to use more gold begets,” is Shakespeare’s recipe for alchemizing Earth’s living gold into the luscious vegan superfood- enhanced white cacao and salty-sweet cashew-creme filling the Gnosis Golden Egg, and evoking the Springtime renewal of our hearts, health, and hopes.

What do you get when you feed superfoods to a bunny that lays chocolate eggs and a goose that lays golden eggs… and put them in the same room? You get a Duck that lays Chocolate Golden Superfood Filled Eggs, of course!!!

Actually to tell you the whole story - we found this baby duckling near the fountain of youth while searching for inspiration. Lo and behold, it lays golden eggs just like that golden-egg-laying goose but instead, this special little duckie lays eggs whose aura is golden, but are made of Balinese cacao! And, not like that chocolate-egg-laying bunny rabbit, these are filled with superfoods, medicinal herbs, and nutritious, sustainable sweeteners.

These are absolutely perfect for children of all ages. Yes, we mean you and your kids.
After all, we are always the same age inside, right?

‘n creme

Vanilla Berry
superberry jam
+ vanilla creme

raspberry-cherry jam
+ chocolate ganache

The Golden Egg
aka no-trick-treat
salted vanilla creme


Lemon Poppy
lemon poppy creme
+ english chamomille

Jade Egg
jasmine mango matcha
+ macadamia mylk fudge


buttery caramel
+ cardamom

creamsicle dream
 creme filling