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Ground Long Pepper

Net Wt. 16 oz (448g) $13.50

Ingredients: Ground Long Pepper



Balinese Long Pepper or Piper retrofractum was once hailed by the Romans as the ultimate peppery spice. Sadly, these wild long peppers soon disappeared into culinary obscurity with the agricultural domestication of their cousin, the modern black peppercorn. To this day, Long Peppers refuse to play party to conventional agricultural ideals of planting and harvest... preferring to sprout where they will and trail lazily into the towering canopies of jungle trees. The flavor of Balinese Long Pepper is deep and complex; simultaneously releasing and earthy pungency, a sweet hint of cardamom and nutmeg and the spicy heat of chili. What takes most people by surprise is the potency of the heat. While not a jalapeno heat, it definitely packs a punch not found in any other black peppercorn.

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