Heaven's Alchemy Perfumes

The name Heaven's Alchemy means the Divine Art of Transformation. It represents the transformative power of love, be it Storge (familial love), Philia (friendship), Agape (altruistic love of humanity), or Eros (romantic love). This power is known, understood and cherished by all cultures.

The joy and excitement of Heaven's Alchemy is in traveling the world through perfume. It is in experiencing beauty and romance through the eyes of a different culture. It is in the thrill of feeling more oneself in a foreign land than at home. Revel in this magical world and all its possibilities unveiled through the transformative powers of pure perfume.

All perfumes are free of Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate, and Color additives.  These perfumes contain no animal byproducts, and are never tested on animals!


The magical sensations of Arabia captured in our chic, opulent and avant-garde perfume. A pure veil of beauty. More Info


St. Petersburg

As warm and luxurious as a fireside embrace on a snowy night, as mysteriously alluring as a candle burning in the window. More Info


A hot-blooded, sumptuous Orient Express of fragrance. Immerse yourself in the glamour and intrigue of East meeting West! More Info




Graceful and lovely. Wear our stunning tribute to perfectly refined beauty and femininity.  More Info


Sample Set 

 Travel the world through fragrance with Heaven's Alchemy and discover your personal fragrance latitude. Arrives in beautiful gift box with velveteen bag. More Info






The Heaven's Alchemy Story

Late one spring night, husband and wife team Scott and Michele decided to bring a dream to life. Inspired by their own East - West romance, they combined their vision and expertise. Scott's business acumen and experience in the highly demanding semi-conductor industry and Michele's passion for perfume, culture and art set them on their exciting journey.

Their mission was two-fold. First, to create a line of the purest perfumes possible from the finest ingredients without alcohol, color additives, harmful chemicals or animal testing.  Second, to capture the passion, beauty, history, romance and glamour of the world's most captivating cities and to honor women in their unique beauty worldwide. With degrees in Anthropology and French, Michele drew on years of research to perfect the concepts for each perfume. The results are truly breathtaking!