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Heritage Palm Sugar with Korintje Cinnamon

Net Wt. 8.5 oz (240g) $7.50

Ingredients: 100% Natural Coconut Palm Sugar, Korintje Cinnamon



Pure Cinnamon, grown wild on the slopes of Sumatra's Korinthe mountain, is sweet and mellow and the perfect complement to our subtly sweet coconut palm sugar.

Hand-harvested nectar from the island coconut palms is kettle-boiled with whole cinnamon sticks over an open hearth fire. To this fragrant infusion we add handfuls of ground Korintje Cinnamon and continue to stir, slowly reducing the sweet nectar to a golden caramel sugar unlike any other.

Be prepared to experience pure bliss with a simple slice of cinnamon toast! Big Tree Farms Korinthe Cinnamon Palm Sugar is also perfect for coffee, tea and baking!


Product Features
  • The Worlds most sustainable sweetener, produced from the flower nectar of coconut palms.
  • Palm Sugar is naturally low on the Glycemic Index (GI = 35).
  • Subtly sweet caramel with the warmth of fresh cinnamon.
  • Turns all baking and use for sugar into a culinary celebration. Try it in: baked apples, glazed ham, rice dishes, spiced nuts and on toast!
  • Packaged in a beautiful handmade recycled box.


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