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The Jade Egg


Matcha green tea is steeped with moringa and metamorphosis minerals, whisked ceremoniously into a jasmine-infused white chocolate creme and drizzled with mango pineapple kiwi coulis.

ingredients  {shell} raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, {matcha} stone ground cashews*, extra virgin coconut oil*, raw blue agave*, lucuma*, maca root*, mango*, matcha*, moringa*, pineapple*, kiwi*, elemental wizdom metamorphosis minerals*, siberian ginseng*, jasmine essential oil*

The Jade Egg
Individually gift wrapped

3 piece gift box $15


‘n creme

Vanilla Berry
superberry jam
+ vanilla creme

raspberry-cherry jam
+ chocolate ganache

The Golden Egg
aka no-trick-treat
salted vanilla creme


Lemon Poppy
lemon poppy creme
+ english chamomille

The Jade Egg
jasmine mango matcha
+ macadamia mylk fudge


buttery caramel
+ cardamom

creamsicle dream
 creme filling