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Love Potions

To be entrusted with the delivery of your gifts is truly an honor!

We have readied ourselves to carry out this assignment faithfully with an assemblage of elegant, earth-honoring materials to dress the treasures you’ve carefully selected for your Dear Recipient.

I consumed my aphrodisiac herb blends - found in the items below - at least once every day for almost a full year! This daily communion with the herbs taught me something profound about their functionality. They are not strictly to arouse physical desire, but rather to empower passion, awaken compassion, and strengthen connection - with both people and with our own life’s path. Give voice to these herbs… don’t be afraid to give aphrodisiac chocolate to your grandmother!

Let these gifts express your love as they echo elements of the ancient Greeks’ concept of Eros: the creative impulse of ever-unfolding nature, igniting the Light of coming into being and bringing order to all things in the cosmos.

On that note, EVERY order this week will contain a gift from me to you!
Through Valentine’s Day, I’m sending 1 FREE GIFT for every $50 you spend (ie: spend $100 & get 2 gifts!).

With Love,

Your Chocolate Girl Vanessa

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