Payment Options

Dearest Chocolate Lover,
I understand some of you may not wish to purchase your chocolate online. If you like you may call us at 646.688.5549 and place your order over the phone with us and pay via credit card or check (please note we will have to wait for the check to clear before shipping if you choose this method of payment). I designed this simple form so you may purchase your chocolates via check or credit card by mail, if you prefer.

I will email you a receipt and confirmation of shipment as soon as your check has cleared or your credit card has been processed. Please make sure to double-check your information to assure that you receive your love-filled chocolates quickly!
Yours in Health,

                              Vanessa aka Chocolate Girl



Please Download this file as a WORD DOCUMENT so you can fill it in and send it as an attachment in an email. Don't hesitate to email us or call 877 4 GNOSIS (646.688.5549) with any questions whatsoever!