Big Tree Farms SweetTree Coconut Palm Sugars

SweetTree Palm Sugars are sustainably brought to you by our dear friends at Big Tree Farms in Bali, the same farm where we source our Coconut Palm Sugar and much of our cacao.

Coconut Palm Sugar CocoCrystals are Nature's Perfect Sweetener. Low on the glycemic index and high in nutrients, palm sugar is a pure and simple cane sugar alternative that provides the energy and nutrition your body needs for a healthy lifestyle.

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Blonde Coconut Palm Sugar
100% organic crystalized coconut palm sugar... {more info}



Vanilla Coconut Palm Sugar $6.50
Coconut Palm Nectar crystals infused with delicate Indonesian Vanilla... {more info}


Fleur de Sel Coconut Palm Sugar $5.75
Balinese Sea Salt creates a satisfying balance with CocoNucifera crystals... {more info} 

 Coconut Palm Sugar w/ Stevia $5.75
A blend of Stevia creates a guilt-free sugar with an extra bit of sweetness... {more info}