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SweetTree Vanilla CocoCrystals

Net Wt. 14 oz (397g) $6.50

Ingredients: 100% Organic Crystallized Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic Vanilla Beans



Sweet Tree is the world's first certified organic coconut palm sugar. The sweet nectar from the flower blossom of the green coconut palm tree, Coco Nucifera, is collected, boiled and granulated, creating CocoCrystals.

Indonesian vanilla pods are added to the nectar as it is simmering, imbuing each Sweet Tree CocoCrystal with the pure delicate flavor of vanilla. Sweet Tree is 'nature's perfect sweetener' - a pure and unrefined evaporated nectar that is a 1:1 replacement for cane sugar. It's naturally high in nutrients and low on the glycemic index. Big Tree Farms is a socially equitable manager of sustainable supply chains, working directly with over 7,000 farmers and having developed key partnerships with both local nonprofits and International Development programs.
Product Features
  • Natures Perfect Sweetener' - Naturally low on the glycemic index (GI about 35), unrefined and high nutrient - a healthy alternative to high fructose sweeteners (agave and corn syrup) and processed cane sugars.
  • Organic, Gluten Free and Kosher.
  • Coconut Palm Sugar has a soft caramel flavor, similar to light brown sugar; The addition of vanilla adds rich elegance, perfect for baking, tea and coffee.
  • Indonesian vanilla pods are steeped with the simmering sweet nectar to imbue each Sweet Tree CocoCrystal with the delicacy of this gentle spice.
  • Packaged in a stand up resealable pouch, making this traditional South East Asian sweetener now conveniently available for all to enjoy.
  • 100% produced by smallholder farmers in Indonesia; Coconut palm trees support rain forest ecosystems and biodiversity, and are reported to be the most sustainable source of sugar on the planet.