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Gnosis Body Care - Face


Pack Your Bags ~ They're Leaving!
This eye gel is incredibly efficient in reducing puffiness under and above eye area. More Info

1oz $39.95



Rose du Jour Face Cream A light & lovely daily face cream to moisturize all skin types! More Info


2oz $29.95

Honey, I Shrunk the Pores!
Biologically Active Skin Polish with Scrubbies, Fruit Enzymes and Kombucha! More Info
4oz  $29.95





Face the Day! Plump Up the Volume!
Firming Seaweed Serum + Seaweed Activating Spray to Rejuvenate. More Info

Sample Set - $19.95

Large Sample Set Kit
Get Acquainted with the whole line! This Sample Set is fun, body care at its finest. More Info