Our Quality Assurance Team

Each dollar spent is a powerful vote which, if cast with intention, can cause a profound shift in the market place. Gnosis’ purchases are guided by this principle without exception, and we love to support and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and organizations who are active participants in this shift.

Certifications are one of the ways Gnosis expresses our standards, values, and commitments to our customers. We view the certification fees associated as a vote for transparency and accountability in the food supply chain. Gnosis chocolate bars, trail mixes, and hot chocolates wear these badges of honor with sincere respect for the organic food movement.


ORGANIC Gnosis is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). CCOF is one of the very highest integrity organic certification agencies working with the USDA. By supporting the certification process, they are promoting organic food and agriculture and protecting the “organic” claim. Read more about our Organic certification here!


VEGAN Gnosis Chocolate is certified by Vegan Action. Vegan products do not contain any animal products and have not been tested on animals. Gnosis harms no creature but rather hopes to honor every species and its habitat. This means our chocolate bars do not contain any dairy products (cream, milk, milk fat, etc) - therefore our bars are free of cholesterol and the antioxidants are uninhibited.


RAW Gnosis Chocolate’s ingredients are never heated above 118f. This protects the plant’s nutrients in their natural state - heating affects the antioxidants, fats, vitamins, etc. (think dried hink fresh carrot vs. roasted or canned carrot). To verify the Raw Integrity of our ingredients, Vanessa personally inspects the farms and facilities. See her Raw Integrity Project and Agave Report!

Gnosis Chocolate is certified by Earth Kosher. We absolutely love the Rabbis who light up our life with each visit, and we are most happy to be working with them. View our Kosher certification here!


Gnosis products do not contain gluten of any kind. We have not yet been certified by a third party agency, but do plan on approaching gluten-free certification by 2014. 


 FSC PACKAGING Gnosis Chocolate’s packaging is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC ensures that the consumption of forest products of its certified companies is ethical and sustainable. Don’t be fooled by a package that just says “recyclable.” Look for “recycled,” “post-consumer recycled,” FSC, and printed with vegetable inks. Read more about our Earth Friendly practices here!  

TRUTH IN LABELING Gnosis Chocolate has taken the Truth in Labeling Pledge. Due to the sad fact that the claim “Natural” holds little weight, we have voluntarily taken the pledge to only use the word “Natural” as defined by the Natural Ingredient Resource Center guidelines. We pledge to clearly disclose when a product contains synthetic ingredients, such as fragrance oils or petrochemicals.


GREEN AMERICA Gnosis is certified by Green America, a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1982. Green America’s Green Business Program provides the networks, resources, and technical assistance needed for socially and environmentally responsible businesses to emerge and thrive.


LOVE FILLED This symbol signifies that each product is made by hand with care for the producers, for you, for our environment, and for the future of our society. Although we do not hold Fair Trade Certification - we are beyond their standards. We work closely with our producers, and the farmers are paid ultra-premium rates for their goods. Our goal is not to simply turn a profit, but to create a shift in the global marketplace to products that are sustainable for our planet and health.



The world’s most exquisite cacao beans are vanishing and it’s up to us to save them! We must find, preserve, respect, and propagate these varietals and protect their future from high-yield hybrids by rewarding the family farms who grow them. Tt That’s hy we became Founding Circle Members of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP).