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Mayan Heat Elixir


Ingredients: raw cacao powder*, coconut sugar*, lucuma*, cinnamon*, hawthorne*, vanilla*, cayenne*, nutmeg*, chipotle*, Love. *organic

Net Wt. 1/2 lb (224g) $12.99



Mayan Heat, like all Gnosis Elixirs, is powered by raw, organic, ethically sourced cacao. This is Gnosis’ version of the traditional elixir of the Mayas.

Sweetened by low-glycemic Coconut Sugar, Mayan Heat’s health benefits are brought to you by cayenne, whose support of the circulatory system, and role as an overall tonic has been widely-researched.

Cinnamon sounds unique flavor notes while supporting blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation control. Lucuma (native to Peru’s Andean region) provides an array of vitamins and a sweet hint of maple.

Surely an elixir of the Gods, this is hot chocolate whose spicy kick gives you an energy boost you will surely love. As a high octane fuel that doesn’t pollute, a delicious, full-bodied replacement for coffee, or simply a reward to yourself for living well and kindly, Gnosis Mayan Heat Elixir is your go-to product.