Smooth l Superfoods l Crunchy l Fruity l Aromatic 


SuperCounselor  1oz $6
Made with the top 6 medicinal herbs from Ayurveda, Chinese & South American Medicine!! More Info




Dazzling Darkness 2oz  $9.25
90% Cacao - The true dark chocolate lover’s dream come true! More Info


Aphrodisia  2oz $9.25
Figs, Raspberries, & 6 Aphrodisiac Herbs... modesty forbids me to say more. More Info



Luck Choc 1oz $6
With Irish moss, Clovers, & Celtic salt... the Luck of the Irish to us all! {more info}



Superberry 2oz $9.25
7 Superfood Berries, Coconut Palm Nectar, and a hint of Lime Essence.  More Info




Sacred Feminine  2oz $9.25  
Let the herbs in this bar support every stage of a woman's cycle!   More Info



Zero Glycemic Bar  2oz $10.25  
With 0 Calorie, 0 Glycemic Organic Stevia & herbs for blood sugar regulation!   More Info



Simplicity 2oz $9.25
The esssential, fundamental experience of raw, organic cacao. More Info




Pomegranate Acai  2oz $9.25  
Famous for antioxidants, superfoods are at their max potential w/raw cacao! More Info



Immune Boost Bar  2oz $9.25  
Pecans, persimmons, spices and medicinal herbs for your immune system. More Info




SuperChoc  2oz $9.25  
Goji berries, raspberries and 15 superherbs make SuperHeroes of us all! More Info

PowerChoc  2oz $9.25  
With superfoods for maximum protein assimilation and physical prowess! More Info


Coconut Almond  2oz $9.25  
The ultimately satisfying combination for endurance. More Info



Cool Peppermint  2oz $9.25  
To calm the stomach and stimulate the body and mind. More Info 


Fleur de Sel  2oz $9.25  
Quenching twin cravings of savory and sweet, this bar leaves you feeling complete! More Info




Vanilla Hazelnut  2oz $9.25  
This is where vanilla, cacao, and hazelnut meet and fall in Love. It was inevitable... More Info

Cashew Goji Berry  2oz $9.25
Sweet goji berries and sweet cashews nestled happily in between. More Info




Almond Fig Spice  2oz $9.25
A subtle note of warming cinnamon kisses you goodbye until next time... More Info

Mayan Heat 
2oz  $9.25
Named to honor Earth's first chocolatiers, this bar packs a punch! More Info




EnWhitenment 2oz $10.25
White Chocolate w/o dairy, soy, or refined sugar. Become EnWhitened!  More Info  


Grenada OrigiNib 1oz $6

The World's Only Raw Chocolate Bar from Grenada! Coming to you from Spice Island with Nutmeg & Love... More Info 




Bali OrigiNib 1oz $6  

Beautiful Balinese Beans spiked with tumeric and Fleur de Sel Salt. More Info


Madagascar OrigiNib Bar 1oz $6

The World's Only Raw Chocolate Bar from Madagascar! Specled with Madagascan Peppercorns and Vanilla. More Info 




Berry Rose
2oz $9.25 Will return Jan 2013!

A box of chocolate, bouquet of roses & chocolate-dipped strawberries - all in one! *LIMITED EDITION* More Info