When available, we love to send packets of stevia seeds as a sweet surprise :)


Summertime Superfood Sale 20% off with free ice & extra love! 



Dearest ChocoLovers,


We hope you’re thoroughly enjoying a fun and prosperous summer!


This warm e-note is to announce a great sale we’re running on our website (20% off with coupon) and to highlight our practice of including insulation and reusable ice packs (now biodegradable) FREE of charge! 

Sure, eco-friendly options are often more expensive. But “saving” by way of the unsustainable option is actually just borrowing from future generations. Just like any expense put off til later, we incur significant interest charges. To operate debt-free is to save (for) tomorrow!  By voting with our dollars, we can increase the availability and affordability of better options and shift the marketplace!  

We believe doing what’s right should be calculated into the bottom line from Day 1. Gnosis is 6 years of proof that a company can operate with integrity and remain debt-free by reallocating the usual exorbitant marketing budget back to sourcing and internal operations. 

Investing in product quality and excellence in service should be the pure means by which customer loyalty and community support are earned!  
Thank you for every unsung conscious decision you make! :)

With Love, 
Your Chocolate Girl Vanessa


Passion Elixir

pure cacao love
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Mayan Heat Elixir
spiced cacao
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Immunity Elixir

20% OFF! $10.39     

Walnut Spread
1.5oz (42g) $5.99
Pecan Spread
1.5oz (42g) $5.99
Cashew Spread
1.5oz (42g) $5.99
5 SuperSpreads - 20% off  $23.99
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