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Dream Truffles  ☘️

Created 100% by hand in our NYC kitchen with no refined sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, or GMO, the Gnosis Dream Truffle is infused with a hint of mint, a sparkle of salt, and medicinal herbs to support lucid, vivid, positive dreams. 

Dream Truffle a hint of mint and a sparkle of salt
ingredients: raw chocolate* (raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*), extra virgin coconut oil*, raw blue agave nectar*, celtic salt, moringa*, gingko biloba*, gotu kola*, damiana*, valerian*, passionflower*, burdock*, spirulina, chlorella, holy basil*, peppermint essential oil*, Dreams. *organic


4pc Dream Truffle Gift Box $1299      


from Jill Ettinger at

Ginko Biloba is known to increase our brain function and improve memory. In sleep it can make dreams more vivid and we can feel more alert.

Valerian Root has been used to induce lucid dreaming for centuries. It can help create more vivid dreams–and intense ones, too.

Passionflower is very relaxing and sedative, helping to bring about a calmer dream state.

Burdock is effective at keeping negativity, anger and sadness from your dream state.

Peppermint can support lucid and vivid dreaming, and some users even report a “prophetic” quality to dreams when peppermint is involved.


Damiana is known for its aphrodisiac properties but can be used to induce dream states, as well

Holy Basil is regarded as an elixir of life and represents peace and balance