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Madagascar Mylk Truffles


70% Dark Shell: raw chocolate (raw bali cacao beans,* coconut sugar*)
40% Mylk Filling:
raw chocolate (stone-ground cashew butter*, coconut sugar*,
madagascar cacao beans*), extra virgin coconut oil*, Love. *organic net wt .5oz (14g) ea

MYlk! But wait - they’re vegan so they’re dairy-free, right? Right! Dairy blocks antioxidants in cacao and negatively impacts cholesterol. But I guarantee this mylk chocolate is more thoroughly satisfying than any milk chocolate you’ve had!

To recreate the creaminess of milk chocolate but with increased functionality, I stone-grind cashews with coconut sugar and coconut oil to create a velvety, sweet, nourishing butter as a base for this mylk chocolate.

Madagascar is considered by many to birth the world’s finest cacao. Naturally fruity in flavor, it is unusually rich in antioxidant flavonoids and minerals. Since Malagasy cacao comprises less than 1% of the world’s production, the Madagascar Mylk truffle is a rare gift Nature has entrusted us to bring you.

NOTE: Available for a limited time! Consume within 3 months.


Madagascar Mylk Truffles  
4 piece truffle box $1299     



Madagascar Mylk Truffles
12 piece truffle box $3999  



 Pictures from Chocolate Girl’s trip to Pralus where she created the world’s only Raw Madagascar Chocolate!