Meet Team Gnosis!  we’re hiring

Vanessa Barg, Chocolate Girl - Founder, Head Chocolatier

As a certified health coach, Vanessa’s hidden agenda was to introduce her clients to the amazing benefits of superfoods and raw cacao! Her aim is to help customers nourish and empower themselves with the healthiest foods available, and to shift the market place to a higher awareness of health and environment.
Since she started making chocolate in 2006 and founded Gnosis in 2008, Gnosis has grown 100% through word of mouth into a company that spreads its high integrity products stores to chocolate lovers all over the world! Vanessa loves being in touch with her community. Send her an email!




 Lauren Gockley, Chocolatier


Classically trained by Valhrona in France, Lauren came to Gnosis in 2009 from New York’s Per Se restaurant. As Gnosis’ Chocolatier, she won Top 10 Chocolatiers in America by Dessert Professional Magazine. Lauren incorporates her understanding of chocolate-making with her growing knowledge of superfoods and nutrition to create truly exquisite products. Lauren’s passion for high cuisine and proper technique is supporting the expansion of Gnosis. Lauren works directly with Chocolate Girl to develop new flavors and products.




 Danny Park, ChocoNinja - Shipping Manager

Danny is a ChocoNinja in the Gnosis kitchen. He lovingly and perfectly packages and ships each and every one of your orders. He has deep dedication to the quality of his work, a strong sense of what it means to be a Team with honor that raises the bar on all fronts. Danny is a a shining star and major player on Team Gnosis.




Aida Della Longa, Mamma Wonka

Without Mamma Wonka, Gnosis Chocolate wouldn’t exist. Mother, teacher, and inspirer to Chocolate Girl, Mamma Wonka has given her intuitive love to help Gnosis grow. Mamma Wonka moved to Rome, Italy as the director of the study abroad program of Notre Dame University. We miss her presence, but she visits often to fulfill her duties as Mamma Wonka. She has supported me through every step of this journey and for that I am infinitely grateful.




Jeff Skeirik aka Rawtographer 

Jeff has blessed Team Gnosis with his talent in presenting our products and projects to the world through his stunning photographic representations. With a wide background from music to fitness training, nutrition, wellness and even technology - it is his aim to be a unique and effective resource for your imaging endeavors. View his portfolio and contact him here: