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We're Official!

Gnosis Chocolate now officially bears the Organic seal! We have been using organic ingredients from the start, because as you know, organic food not only tastes better, it's better for our bodies, planet, and sociey, too!

As a customer - bombarded with marketing campaigns and misleading product labels - it can be so difficult to determine which companies really deserve our support! Frequently, companies that undertake the challenging certification process do it out of a committment to Integrity. They are willing not only to set their standards for sourcing high (which is much more expensive!) but also to undergo months of rigorous inspection. Although it is expensive for farms to become certified (and in truth, it should be the opposite - farms who use chemicals should be the ones to pay extra!) we feel that it was so important to become certified to support the transition towards farms and shelves filled with only Organic products, and to make it easier for you to support the movement while enjoying your chocolate :)

A few of the top reasons to eat organic:
1. To avoid eating toxic chemicals which affect your health in numerous ways
2. To preserve water and air quality
3. To improve soil quality and prevent soil erosion
4. To protect farm worker health and support small-scale farmers

The effort has come from everyone on Team Gnosis. We would like to offer a LOUD APPLAUSE to Pauline, who has worked so diligently on this long process from start to finish! We chose to work with CCOF because of their reputation as a rigorous certifying agent. We knew the road would be tough, but with Pauline in the office and Lauren in the kitchen, we achieved our goal: Organic Certification!!!

Aaah..doing good does taste wonderful!

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