For your Inspiration: Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarch

This past Friday night, July 31 Gnosis Chocolate brought in two dynamic raw food speakers to share their knowledge and experiences with the community. Matt Monarch and his recent bride, Angela Stokes Monarch spoke before an intimate crowd at Bonobo’s in Manhattan before a laid back chocolate party at The Suffolk.

As Matt spoke, he emphasized a couple of major points. First, is the importance of colonics; vital no matter what kind of diet you follow, but especially for raw foodists. For raw foodists, he suggested getting a colonic once per month, and for people who follow a healthy whole food diet, getting a colonic four times per year.
He also mentioned a thought-provoking environmental fact when illustrating what happens to our bodies as we detoxify them with healthy raw foods: If we stopped polluting the planet today entirely (no car exhaust, no cigarettes, factories, etc), it would take 30 years for the planet to completely detoxify and return to its complete natural health. We humans would be detoxifying our “urbanized selves” along with it.
Matt mentioned that once he started to eat raw foods, he never again ate cooked foods. For someone thinking about eating a 100% raw food diet, it's important to listen to your body and perhaps get into raw foods more gradually. You don't want to go from the Standard American Diet into 100% raw, because this will likely be too much detoxification for your body to handle at once. While Matt went raw and never looked back, Angela went raw more gradually, over a period of a couple of years.

Angela’s personal journey into the raw food lifestyle is an inspiring one. Her 160 pound weight loss was featured on CNN and she is the author of five books, most recently Raw Emotions. Along with Matt, she does a daily Web TV show, and on her blog she chronicles everything she eats each day to inspire and teach others about eating raw. There is a wealth of information on her website, Raw Reform, but in case you become distracted I must clue you in to her absolute top read (which inspired her to start her current new journey): the book series Anastasia. It is about a woman in Siberia who is living now, 100% wild. See Angela's newsletter for more about this fascinating woman.

Keep exploring and learning, you healthy chocophiles!


What a place: 40 Irving Place

As you may have noticed, the next chocolate party will be held at 40 Irving Place. The historic venue is currently Washington Irving High School and started out, in the early 20th century, as Girls’ Technical High School.The school was one of the first to cater to girls focusing on careers and vocations as well as traditional academics.

C.B.J. Snyder designed the eight-story structure with an imposing arched entrance, and added a couple of round-arched Florentine Renaissance windows on the seventh floor. The two-story base is made of limestone and above that is gray brick with terracotta and limestone. They aren’t made like this any more!

The interior of the school is so impressive that it is likely to become a National Landmark! There is a two-story foyer with a mezzanine balcony, and a large skylit auditorium, all designed in Gothic Style. The lobby’s paintings are a history of New York. The central point of the lobby is a grand, decorative fireplace. Above the fireplace are flag-draped statues of women carved from a single piece of white stone.

So that’s the history, now come to see it for yourself!