The next Chocollaboration!

On July 31, Gnosis Chocolate will be holding another amazing community event; this time, with Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes. As you probably already know, these two are colossal figures in the raw community, so this event is not to be missed!
For the first part of the evening, enjoy hearing from Angela Stokes, who lost over 150 pounds on a raw food diet. She will discuss healthy, rapid weight loss, how to break patterns of overeating , detox plans. She will also address underlying issues behind people’s weight struggles.
Matt Monarch, a man who has been 100% raw for 10 years strong, will discuss how to get started with a raw diet. He will go over concerns such as “Is a raw diet for you?” and explain the difficulties you may face on your journey. You’ll learn the benefits of colonics, raw foods, and juicing from Matt.
After the lectures will be a fantastic Chocolate Dance Party, as only Gnosis can throw! Enjoy great music, community, raw food, and enriching knowledge. We hope to see you!
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Nutmeggers will get a chance to meet Vanessa on July 20th as she travels to Greenwich, Connecticut and gives demonstrations at the Greenwich Whole Foods.

To round out the summer, we hope to see you at the Raw Spirit Festival the last two weeks of August in Washington D.C. Gnosis will be holding two events! One will be a chocolate party at Java Green, the other will be Chocolate Meditation with Vincent Hu. For the latter event, you will use yogic meditation to release blockages and "set off rockets of desires."

Coming up September 2-9 is Gnosis’ first annual Raw Island Retreat at Lake George (NY). We will provide food, transportation from bus / air / train to the lake, water transportation to the island (YES WE HAVE OUR OWN ISLAND!), and guidance through the 8 island days that await you full of activities, community, and healthy food!

Further in the future, keep your eyes pealed (and pencil in you calendars) for another joint event with Daniel Vitalis September 26 in NYC!


SurThrival Recap!

On Saturday, June 27, Gnosis held an amazing Chocolate and Elixir celebration with celebrated Longevity Strategist, Daniel Vitalis. This evening marked the first event that Gnosis brought a leading authority on natural health and spirituality to the community, the first of many more lecture/chocolate parties to come!

The evening began with a thought-provoking lecture by Vitalis who very dynamically balances spirituality with biochemistry. Topics ranged from the over-antibacterialization of our society, to taking mini vacations to natural water springs, to the importance of breast-feeding one’s child immediately after birth. Vitalis’ basic precept is that we need to have plenty of good bacteria in our systems to keep our immune system strong; the way to keep the good bacteria up is by eating fermented foods (tempeh and sauerkraut to name two). Vitalis thoroughly energized his audience with his contagious enthusiasm.
Following the lecture was a four-hour dance party fueled by elixers from Daniel Vitalis and a special Gnosis Chocolate SurThrival bar, created especially for the evening.
We were so happy to see everyone who came, attending VIP’s of the evening were Joshua Rosenthal, founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; Arianna Rose of the Raw Spirit Festivals; Happy Oasis, Blissologist and also of the Raw Spirit Festival; Rawbin; Clay Gordon author and founder of (who was also celebrating his birthday that evening, holler!); and Anthony Anderson, known to many as Raw Model.
The 200 attending guests enjoyed food that was 100% organic, mostly local, and handmade by Gnosis! In addition to Gnosis’ new Goji Berry Jam (more on this later!), there were crudités with live crackers (made with flax and sunflower seeds) and live dip (made with cashews, cauliflower, tahini, and more).
The limited-edition, single-batch SurThrival bar contains:
Goji Berries, Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe, Lion’s Mane, Sunfood Blue Mangosteen, Shatvari, Kava Kava, Dong Quai, Damiana, Mesquite, Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwaganda, Gotu Kola, Ginger , Camu Camu , Reishi , Passionflower, Crystal Manna blue-green algae, Vanilla, Burdock, Love.
The elixir tea ingredients included Holy Basil, Yohimbe, Horsetail, Cat’s Claw, Mother’s Wort, Schizandra Berries, Rhodiola, and more!
Some of these ingredients may be familiar to you; others, you may have never encountered. The idea is not that you need to eat each of these herbs every day; rather, if looking at the ingredient list inspires you to research just one of the exotic ingredients, horny goat weed for example, and that leads you to realize that this herb is a natural (and SAFE) alternative to the popular pharmaceutical drug Viagra, then Gnosis Chocolate has done its job. To bring about your own gnosis, or awakening, as a result of trying our chocolate.