Surthrival is Coming to NYC! June 27

We are hosting a chocolate party and have invited Daniel Vitalis for a 2 hour lecture!

Why you can't miss it: this is an evening of raw food, lectures, dancing, community, and enlightenment. SurThrival in the 21st Century is the name of this June 27th event to be held at Levitate Yoga in Manhattan. 

The evening will begin at 5:30 with a presentation by Vitalis titled “Building Invincible Immunity and Powerful Hormonal Production.” Following the lecture will be a four-hour dance party featuring raw chocolate from Gnosis Chocolate, spring water, crudités, and an Elixir blend to keep the revelers fueled and blissful through the night.

Daniel Vitalis is a Health Motivator, Strategist and Tonic Elixir Alchemist. Immersed in Herbalism and Raw Foods for the past 15 years, Vitalis formulated ElixirCraft, the first codified synthesis of ancient and modern herbal medicinal drink preparation techniques.

The chocolates we will serve at this event will be the same handmade love-filled goodies you know, but on this night they will feature herbs that Daniel speaks of in his lecture, including Deer Velvet and Horny Goat Weed.

Guests are encouraged to bring their open hearts, desire to learn, love of dance, instruments, and raw vegan creations for the festive evening.

Look out for more upcoming chocolate parties and lectures by Gnosis Events!


Our Chocolatier: Lauren Gockley!

Lauren has been a part of Team Gnosis for several months and is bringing not only great knowledge, but also a new sense of calm and cool to the kitchen. She is busily at work creating new flavors weekly—so delicious!

How could a person be so lucky to land this Chocolatier posistion? Lauren received her “chocolate training” at a classical chocolate academy in France; this femme really knows chocolate in and out! Since coming to Gnosis, she has enjoyed working with a whole new palate of superfood ingredients. Currently a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Lauren became interested in a holistic approach to nutrition after realizing that her personal ideals (passions of nutrition and high quality cuisine) weren’t aligning with her professional life.

At the IIN Lauren has been inspired by speeches from David Wolfe, Mark Hyman, and John Douillard. She is studying to become a certified Holistic Health Counselor.

Here are her responses to the need-to-know Mini Questionaire:

1.What is your favorite breakfast?
   My favorite breakfast is fresh juice and fresh fruit.
2. How much chocolate do you eat in a day?
   I probably eat the equivalent of 2 bars a day.
3. What’s the longest you’ve gone without chocolate since becoming a chocolatier?
    I try to go all weekend without eating it so I can eat my fill all week long.
4. Do you feel that chocolate enhances your mood?
    Absolutely, who isn't happier when eating chocolate?
5. Who would you invite, dead or alive, to your perfect Chocolate Tasting?
    My dad, Julia Child, my college music professor, Will Farell, and my dear friends Emily, Emily, and Lauren

Check out Lauren's website here!