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Due to some controversy on the health benefits of agave, I visited the source of our agave in Guadalajara, Mexico to do quality assurance. I am so glad that I visited! I found that our source has amazing social and environmental ethics, and their processing involves no added ingredients or heating over 118 degrees. I highly approve of our source and have posted a report on my Adventure with Agave - including my visit and reasons for using this sweetener:

To those who would like to avoid agave:

Our Sugarplum Gingerbread and OrigiNib Collection Bars are sweetened with Balinese Palm Nectar. We will be launching more products with alternative sweeteners. To learn of these launches, sign up for our ChocoLetter! We are also more than happy to create Custom Chocolates with any sweetener you would like (stevia, yacon, erythritrol, xylitol, etc).


More Information on Agave:

Here is a full response from Hendrik Rabbie who can help you set up a visit to IMAG.

Here is a great blog from an unbiased source

Here is an article that goes into wonderful depth fructose and this entire controversy

Here is a blog from the owner of Coconut Bliss who also visited his agave source

Here is a blog from Madhava Agave (not our source but the post demystifies a lot!)

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