The Ostara Collection


The Earth’s Spring tilt brings blossoms, berries, and beings ever closer to the Sun so all may bloom in its pastel-hued warmth. New buds appear on branches, new rings form in the forest trees, and the divine energy of creation is heralded by each crocus, blue jay & breeze. We are guided by the elemental energy of rebirth and renewal, as our spirits are lifted into the balmy spring air where Hope flows freely.

Ostara is the Goddess of Springtime and the Dawn. She is a fertility deity whose arrival is heralded by the flowering of flora and the birth newborn baby fauna. The egg and bunny have been featured in festivals in honor of Ostara since the age of nature worship.

This Ostara Collection is in honor of Mother Nature!

whipped strawberries & creme

Vanilla Berry
goldenberry gojiberry jam + vanilla creme

raspberry-cherry jam + chocolate ganache

The Golden Egg
salted vanilla creme filling

buttery caramel with cardamom

tangerine & blood orange creamsicle dream

Lemon Poppy
blue chamomile infused lemon poppy creme

The Jade Egg
jasmine mango matcha with fudge




Dream Truffles 
Infused with a hint of mint, a sparkle of salt, and medicinal herbs to
support lucid, vivid, positive dreams.



LuckChoc Bar   $5.99
LuckChoc brings mineralizing superfoods to call in the rainbows -
follow them with intention and you’ll bring pots of whatever gold you seek!




The Goddess Ostara and The Rabbit

Already feeling just a little bit guilty for arriving late one spring, the Goddess Ostara was appalled when the first thing she encountered was a little bird who lay dying on the forest floor, his wings frozen by the snow.

Filled with compassion, Ostara took him as a pet or, as some versions of the tale have it, her lover. Feeling sorry that the poor wingless bird could no longer take flight, she turned him into a snow hare and gave him the ability to run rapidly so he could evade all hunters. Honoring his earlier life as a bird, she also gave him the ability to lay eggs in all the colors of the rainbow.

Whatever could the goddess Ostara been thinking when she turned him into a randy rabbit? Eventually the decision backfired when the goddess became enraged with his numerous affairs.

In a fit of anger, she threw him into the skies where he  unfortunately landed under the feet of the feet of the constellation Orion (the Hunter).  He remains there to this day, and is known to us the constellation Lepus (The Hare).

Softening her attitude a bit, Ostara allowed the hare to return to earth once each year to give away his colored eggs to the children attending the Ostara festivals that were held each spring.

The tradition of the Easter Bunny had thus begun.