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Strawberries n Creme


Plump, heart-shaped sun-dried strawberries are here whipped into a fluffy creme filling whose fragrance wafts you up and up into Spring breezes on their way to wrap you in their energizing embrace. Let the vibrant taste herein waken any dorment corners within - an invitation to rejoice!

ingredients  raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, stone-ground cashew butter*, strawberries*, raw blue agave nectar*, virgin coconut oil*, pomegranate*, aronia berry*, lucuma*,vanilla bean*, maca*, siberian ginseng*, burdock*, Love. *organic



Strawberries n Creme Eggs
Individually Packaged $5.49

3 piece gift box $15





‘n creme

Vanilla Berry
superberry jam
+ vanilla creme

raspberry-cherry jam
+ chocolate ganache

The Golden Egg
aka no-trick-treat
salted vanilla creme


Lemon Poppy
lemon poppy creme
+ english chamomille

The Jade Egg
jasmine mango matcha
+ macadamia mylk fudge


buttery caramel
+ cardamom

creamsicle dream
 creme filling