Come into our kitchen...

Beta: A test for a product prior to commercial release. Beta testing is the last stage of testing, and normally can involve sending the product to beta test sites outside the company for real-world exposure.

One of the most exciting aspects of our work here at Team Gnosis is creating new products and flavors for your enjoyment and nourishment!

We value your opinion so much - YOU are the driving force and motivation for these creations! So we decided to launch this BetaChoc Program. Won't you join Team Gnosis and give us feedback on our newest creations? Nothing is more important to us than knowing that we are pleasing your palates while nourishing you :)


BetaChoc Bar - 2oz $7.95 normally $8.99!

09/18/11: We are currently playing with switching from Agave Nectar to Coconut Palm Nectar. What you can expect to recieve is a bar of Aphrodisia, Coconut Almond, Pomegranate Acai, Simplicity, or Fleur de Sel sweetened with Coconut Palm Nectar instead of with Agave Nectar. If you have tried our origial recipe with Agave Nectar, please pay attention to the difference and let us know which you prefer!!!

Please email us after you've placed your order if you have a preference of which BetaChoc flavor(s) you'd like to try!

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase BetaChoc below at the discounted rate :)
2. We will send you one of the flavors we've been working on
3. Enjoy the chocolate, paying attention to the taste, consistency, and overall experience. Take notes if you can!
4. Send us your feedback to and we'll incorporate your suggestions into the recipe before we launch it for the public!

In your Very Important Feedback Email, please score us from 1-10 on:
1. Smell
2. Look / Shine
3. Taste
4. Consistency / Mouth-Feel
5. Finish

And give us as much information as you can about your experience! We are happy to get all constructive criticism too!!!

It's best to be a BetaChoc tester if you have already purchased chocolate from our website and know how our Simplicity tastes, or if you have a bar of our chocolate purchased online to compare to. When purchased online, the chocolate is extremely fresh and so it will be a fair test :)


Thank you in advance for being a BetaChoc Tester... Welcome to Team Gnosis!


Come into our kitchen...